GDPR ECommerce Solutions by Webelity

We provide businesses the tools needed to honor end user data & privacy choices. Our tools provide: Marketing Preferences, Data Exclusions, Unique Account Preferences, Ability to Delete Accounts, Retain Anonymous Customer Details and more.
Regardless of your platform we can help you achieve great results. Our goal is to keep you in compliance with GDPR and various international & local privacy/data guidelines.

GDPR Compliance for Zen Cart

GDPR Compliance for Zen Cart

GDPR UK Small Businesses

GDPR Solutions for UK Businesses

GDPR Small Business

GDPR for Small Shops

GDPR US Small Businesses

GDPR Solutions for US Businesses

GDPR Canadian Small Businesses

GDPR Compliance for CA Businesses

GDPR Compliance for Loaded Commerce

GDPR for LoadedCommerce

GDPR Compliance for osCommerce

GDPR for osCommerce

GDPR opencart

GDPR Compliance for OpenCart

GDPR for PrestaShop

GDPR Compliance for PrestaShop